Our History


Residential Car Wash is the first company to provide a full car wash service inside your community. Our goal is to provide customers with a car wash service experience unlike any other.

Residential Car Wash started in Palm Beach County, Florida, with a simple goal: provide an outstanding car wash experience. At Residential Car Wash, the customers can relax at their comfortable home while the high-tech equipment and highly trained staff clean their cars quickly and thoroughly at the car center located at their own residential community.

Residential Car Wash was founded by Perry LaFrance, an ambitious police officer. Perry LaFrance’s vision was to change the car wash system where people would have to drive to a car wash place, stay in line for 30 to 45 mins and then wait for roughly 2 hours for the car to be washed.

What We Offer

The new Residential Car Wash system is very simple: since most luxury residential communities already have a Car Care Center in place for the residents. Residential Car Wash utilize the same car care center on select days to provide the outstanding car service to the residents.

NOTE: Residents still have the option to clean their own vehicles at the Car Care Center.

Residential Car Wash DO NOT accept walk in for non-subscribers, any resident who wishes to use Residential Car Wash for his/her car wash service MUST subscribe with us. Residential Car Wash has several Plans to help residents with their car wash needs.

Any resident who wishes to subscribe with Residential Car Wash, please see our website at www.residentialcarwash.com or go to your community office and inquire about subscription.

Residential Car Wash offers Ultimate Full Service Weekly washes for as low as $59.95 a month, Ultimate Full Service Bi-weekly washes for as low as $39.95 a month, Ultimate Exterior Washes Weekly for as low as $29.95 a month and Ultimate Exterior Washes Bi-weekly for as low as $19.95 a month.

NOTE: SUV’s/Vans and Trucks ADD $25 monthly.

Residential Car Wash Management and Team Members as a whole strive to go above and beyond each and every customer’s expectations. We are extremely passionate about not only leaving our customer with an immaculate car, but making sure our customer has been satisfied with their overall experience at Residential Car Wash.

Our Team

We have certified and trained detail technicians to ensure that your car is in the best hands; Each employee goes through a 3 weeks training program in order to guarantee a high quality wash and detail service for our customers every time. We put our commitment to our customers and their vehicles before everything else.